CPS Recognized for Programs for English-Language Learners


Cincinnati Public Schools' Office of Second Language Acquisition was recently awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the Ohio Department of Education for districtwide efforts to improve the quality of education for English-language learners (ELL). Among the areas cited were welcome centers for parents, job-embedded coaching and training for staff, strong volunteer programs, wireless interpretation equipment, and the use of bilingual interpreters. In addition, CPS was recognized for meeting Adequate Yearly Progress targets for the Limited English Proficiency subgroup in 2007-08 and 2008-09. Team members present to receive the award were Markay Winston, director of CPS Student Services; Marie Kobayashi, manager CPS' ELL manager; Ed Green, professional development specialist for the Mayerson Academy; Sister Margarita Brewer, CPS school/community coordinator; Mary Jo Montenegro, school social worker; Eneida Uehlin, support specialist; and Angela Campos, CPS teacher. Congratulations!