CPS Students and Staff Contribute to Haitian Relief


In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Cincinnati Public Schools’ students and staff have sought out various ways that they can contribute and help those in need.

Below is a sampling of their generous efforts:


Quebec Heights School — Student Council began a "Water Drive” on January 22, to run through January 29, for Matthew 25 Ministries to deliver to Haiti. So far, students have collected about 500 bottles of water, from a student population of only 371.

Ethel M. Taylor Academy — Collected a carload of canned goods and raised $135 (this raised from one of Ohio’s poorest neighborhoods) and delivered to Matthew 25 Ministries.

Kilgour School — Students participating in a "Penny War" between grade levels to collect money, with $1,650 collected so far. 

Dater Montessori School — Collected health products, water and summer clothing at school’s Unity Dinner on January 20, amounting to more than three truckloads donated to Matthew 25 Ministries.

Sands Montessori School — Collected $1,060 in one week for donation to American Red Cross, through a student-led "Hope Project" aimed at collecting at least a dollar from each student. Teacher Annette Delaney was particularly proud of one of her 6th-graders who came to school with two crisp, neatly folded $20 bills that he had gotten from his personal savings account.

North Avondale Montessori School — Collected $766.14 to donate to the American Red Cross.

Fairview-Clifton German Language School — Third-graders conducting a drive to collect personal hygiene items to give to Matthew 25 Ministries, continuing through February 5, as follow up to recent lessons on citizenship and how communities work for the common good.

Withrow International High School — Students collected about $300 so far in individual donations.

Oyler School — Oyler’s 11th-  and 12th-graders have collected $512 so far in a fund drive they organized for the American Red Cross, after discussing the events in Haiti and seeing the impact it made on students emotionally. Community service and social awareness are two areas of focus at Oyler. Students asked the entire school to donate spare change, and students made the rounds with buckets several times a day. Principal Craig Hockenberry added an incentive by offering staff a "pass" to get out of Monday’s staff meeting for donations of $5 or more. 

Rockdale Academy — Rockdale Academy teamed up with the Avondale Community Council to collect donations for Hearts for Haiti. Students, staff and members of the community are collecting blankets, canned and nonperishable food, personal care products, cleaning supplies, and first aid supplies that they will send to Matthew 25 Ministries. Donations are being accepted at Rockdale each weekday from 8am-2pm. Donations also can be made at the Avondale Pride Center located at 3520 Burnet Avenue each weekday from 9am-5pm.

Withrow University High School and Bond Hill Academy — Withrow University and Bond Hill Academy are collecting donations for Project H.E.L.P. (Haitian Earthquake Link Plan). Items that can be donated include personal care items, cleaning supplies and nonperishable food. Donations will be sent to Matthew 25 Ministries.