Learning is Cool Program Helps Achieve a 45-Percent Increase in Students Earning the “A” Honor Roll During the 2nd-Quarter


LIC Logo The Learning is Cool program helped increase the number of students in Cincinnati Public Schools who earned the "A" Honor Roll during the second quarter of this school year. After the grades were recorded, 3,016 students in grades 1-8 had made the "A" Honor Roll compared to 2,085 students during the same quarter of the 2008-09 school year. That's a 45 percent increase.

Learning is Cool is an educational incentive program that rewards CPS students in grades 1-8 for strong academic performance. It is a collaborative effort between the Marvin Lewis Community Fund (MLCF) and CPS that uses incentives to encourage the district's students to strive for excellence each quarter by making the "A" Honor Roll. Each quarter, students who make either straight "As" or have a cumulative average of 3.51 or better receive prizes from MLCF. Those who make the honor roll at least two times during the year are invited to an Academic Achievement Ceremony at Paul Brown Stadium where they are awarded medals from Cincinnati Bengals players.

The students who made the "A" Honor Roll this quarter received Learning is Cool dog tags as a fun incentive. Some of these students already have qualified for the Academic Achievement Ceremony at the end of the year.

Congratulations to our students on a job well done!