Clever Crazes Awards $15,000 to CPS Schools


New Picture (1) The money keeps pouring in! Sands Montessori School, Sayler Park School, South Avondale School and Dater Montessori all were winners of a total of $15,000 in prize money from Clever Crazes for Kids for encouraging students to take advantage of the educational and entertainment features found at Clever Crazes for Kids awards bi-monthly prizes to schools with the highest percentage of registered students and those whose students score the highest in competitive games and educational challenges. So far, the popular program has awarded $70,000 to schools and nonprofit organizations since launching in August 2009.

Sayler Park earned the 2nd-place prize for the Dec. 09-Jan. 10 period for having the 2nd-highest percentage of students registered to Dater Montessori earned the 3rd-place prize of $2,000 for the same category and period.

Two students at Sands Montessori earned the 1st-place prize of $5,000 and the 2nd-place prize of $3,000 for their school for scoring the highest points on games and challenges. A student at South Avondale School earned that school the 3rd-place prize of $2,000.

Clever Crazes for Kids is a Web-based wellness program for children — ages 6 to 12 — that uses avatars, competitive games and educational challenges to encourage students to live healthy lives. The site enables students to learn while competing with each other in
four themed environments: nutrition, fitness, self-esteem and green living. For more information about Clever Crazes for Kids, visit Any school is eligible to win prizes for students’ participation.