Woodward Selected as an Apple Exemplary Program


Woodward Career Technical High School is pleased to announce that it has been named an Apple Exemplary Program for its integration of technology into the core curriculum.  Through the use of Apple iPads, each student in grades 9 – 12 is able to sharpen 21st century learning skills in the areas of critical thinking, creativity, the use of technology and team work.

The Apple Exemplary Program designation is reserved for K – 12 programs that have demonstrated a strong, well-articulated use of Apple products in K – 12 education.

“I am very proud of how well our students and teachers have so quickly embraced the Apple iPad technology.  I see students who are authentically engaged in learning and teachers who are finding new ways to raise the bar when it comes to accelerating student achievement,” says Shauna Murphy, principal of Woodward Career Technical High School.

The selection of Woodward’s Apple iPad integration program as an Apple Exemplary Program highlights its successes in enhancing and extending teaching and learning with thoughtful and innovative implementation of technology.

The roll out of the Apple iPad integration program began this fall with the school’s seniors.  Students in the Health, Building and Advanced Technologies academies have done research, created various projects and have taken exams using the iPads.  Each student has been assigned a gmail account and the school is working to integrate Blackboard into its classroom structure.