Pleasant Hill Robotics Team Takes Top Prizes in Competition


Congratulations to the Pleasant Hill Academy Robotics team of LaQuan Brown (grade 8), Troy Loncke (grade 8) and Triston Burnham (grade 6) who earned top prizes for their creation, The Seasonal Robot, in the "Where in the Neighborhood is Dr. Dunn" Robotics Competition. The team won the 1st-place prize for Creativity and 2nd-place prizes for Oral Presentation and Robot Function/Design. They were assisted by teachers Renita Lewis-Jackson, Sandra Johnson and Kyle Bertrams.

Using parts from the Lego Mindstorms Kit, the students built a robot and the neighborhood in which their robot performed various tasks to resolve environmental hazards. Their creation, The Seasonal Robot, removed snow from roadways, planted seeds in a community garden, mowed grass in overgrown areas and deposited grass clippings into a community compost bin.

Congratulations to the students on a job well done.