Walnut Hills Student Trained as Tourette Syndrom Youth Ambassador



Mike Grabel, a junior at Walnut Hills High School, was selected to participate in the fourth annual Tourette Syndrom (TS) Youth Ambassador Training Program in Washington, D.C. The program trains teens, ages 13 to 17, to advocate for those living with TS and to teach understanding, sensitivity and tolerance of the disorder and its symptoms.

Mike will be providing information to his peers and younger students to help dispel the myths and stereotypes that are often attributed to and associated with this often misunderstood and misdiagnosed disorder.

"The training in D.C. was incredible," Mike says. "It felt good to be around other teens from around the country who are going through similar struggles. My tics can be very severe from time to time, which results in a lot of staring and confusion from people when I am out in public. Hopefully, my peers will then go home and educate their parents about this as well. The more people I can educate now will lead to a more understanding and empathetic society."