Woodward High School Class of ’61 Raises More than $25,000 to Support the School’s Intersession Program


In celebration of its 50th graduation anniversary from Woodward High School, the Class of 1961 will present a Legacy Gift of $25,619.86 to Woodward Career Technical High School to support its Intersession Program. The class will present the check to Woodward’s principal Shauna Murphy during the 157th Founder’s Day celebration on March 9, 2012, at the school, which is located at 7005 Reading Road in Bond Hill.

First introduced in 2011, Woodward’s Intersession Program allows students to explore academic concepts through unique field experiences. Last year, students traveled to New York and Washington, D.C. The Legacy Gift will assist students who need help with Intersession fees.

“Central to planning for the 50th reunion was a strong commitment to give back something meaningful and significant to the ‘New Woodward’,” said Legacy Gift Committee chairman D. Keith Humphries. “From the beginning, there were two stated objectives. First, we wanted to sustain the legacy of founder William Woodward by providing life-changing, non-traditional educational opportunities to all students whose economic means may not enable them to experience, learn and apply critical job and career-building opportunities. Second, we wanted to start a new tradition for future 50th-year anniversary classes, if not all major reunion classes, to contribute to ‘our’ school.”

The Legacy Gift Committee of seven members of the Class of 1961 made phone calls and wrote letters to about 400 classmates, and convinced more than 50 percent to make donations. In addition to supporting the Intersession Program, the gift serves as a challenge to future 50th anniversary classes to carry on this partnership with Woodward.