Mom Applauds Winton Montessori for Helping Daughter to Shine


submitted by Kristen Barker, a Winton Montessori parent

Winton Montessori finds a way to encourage and highlight the unique gifts of students of all abilities. Currently, Ms. Nall, the art teacher, has displayed an art show in the cafeteria showcasing the artwork of 10-year-old student Maya Velasquez. Maya has autism and epilepsy, and struggles in a number of ways. Ms. Nall has noticed her flair for color and her joy in art, and has found a way to share this gift with the school community.


Maya's pride in her art show is undeniable. She smiles really big when teachers, students and staff comment on how much they like her pictures. The art show is just the latest example of the myriad of ways the dedicated teachers and staff at Winton Montessori go out of their way to nurture their students and help them thrive.


I feel so blessed and grateful to be part of the Winton Montessori community. I could not ask for a more caring, dedicated, and talented group of people to be working with my daughter, celebrating her gifts, and helping her through her struggles.