Cincinnati Public Schools Embraces New, More Rigorous Academic Standards


Vi5_Logo_smCincinnati Public Schools’ students are now learning less
material, yet mastering more knowledge, under new more-rigorous academic

With the introduction of the Common Core State Standards in
English-Language Arts and Mathematics, plus updated and strengthened Ohio
standards in Science and Social Studies, students will be taught less content,
but will learn that content in more depth.

Launched under an initiative called, Vision i5 – Imagine, Illuminate, Innovate, Invest and Inspire, Cincinnati
Public Schools began implementing the standards this year.

“We’re taking an uncommon approach to the Common Core and
the new state standards,” said Deputy Superintendent Laura Mitchell, who
oversees academic content. “We’re enthusiastically introducing these new
standards into our classrooms, with the conviction that this new direction is
vital to assuring our students’ success.”

District teachers were among the first in the nation to receive
training on how to adjust their lessons in order to align with the new education
standards, which require students to do more critical thinking and
project-based learning.

CPS’ new standards initiative is funded through a
$5.3-million, three-year extension grant awarded by the GE Foundation.

Check out this great video from the Ohio Department of Education about the motivation behind the
Common Core Standards.

And, stay tuned for more updates.