Several CPS Schools Make Strong Academic Gains


Now that the Ohio Department of Education has released Report Card data for the 2011-12 school year, we are proud to say that Cincinnati Public Schools remains the top-performing urban district in Ohio. We also wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate several of our schools for making strong academic gains.

We have two schools that earned the state’s highest rating, Excellent with Distinction. Congratulations to Hartwell School (which climbed two ratings from Effective last year) and Sands Montessori (up one rating from Excellent last year).

Three schools have moved into the Excellent category. Evanston Academy and James N. Gamble Montessori both climbed two ratings from Continuous Improvement last year. South Avondale, a neighborhood school that was redesigned after years of low performance, is now rated Excellent.

Five schools climbed into the Effective category: Carson School, Hays-Porter, John P. Parker, Midway and Winton Montessori. Of those five, four schools (Carson, Hays-Porter, John P. Parker and Midway) were targeted for intensive intervention under the district’s Elementary Initiative.

Finally Pleasant Ridge Montessori has advanced two ratings into the Continuous Improvement category.

While the district dropped a rating from Effective to Continuous Improvement, we achieved our best Performance Index ever, 88.5 points, which is the highest of any urban district in Ohio. The Performance Index progress is significant because it is an index of upward progression of all students at all performance levels on all state tests in all content areas tested. So, we regard it as the best measure of overall progress, and by that important measure, we continue to improve.

Cincinnati Public Schools remains the top-performing urban district in Ohio.