Ready for High School, Sooner


Cincinnati Public Schools is changing the structure of its
high schools to better prepare students for success under new, more rigorous
Common Core Academic Standards in English/Language Arts and Mathematics that
were introduced this year.

Beginning in the 2013-14 school year, all CPS high schools
will serve grades 7-12 – moving away from the 9-12 grade structure in place
since the late 1970s. In addition to stronger performance under more rigorous standards,
the structure allows students to earn high school credits earlier, and gain
access to more extracurricular and co-curricular opportunities. Seventh and 8th-graders
also will be taught by teachers who are content specialists and can help students
to not only master content but also understand its relevance in the real world.

The district started the process this year with Western
Hills University High School, which now serves grades 7-12. Other current 7-12
high schools include Clark Montessori, Dater, Gamble Montessori, Hughes STEM, Shroder
and Walnut Hills. All remaining high schools – Aiken, Taft Information
Technology, Withrow
University and Woodward
Career Technical – will begin the new structure next year.

Schools serving grades K-12 or PreK-12 are not impacted. The
Academy of Multilingual
Immersion Studies, the Academy
of World Languages, Hartwell School and Roberts Paideia
Academy will remain K-8
schools so students can continue to benefit from the specialized language-assistance
programs offered. Roselawn Condon School will remain K-8 because of its high
population of students with special needs, and Sayler Park
School  will remain K-8 because of its

Any student living in the Cincinnati Public
School District who will
be in, at least, the 7th-grade by August 2013 is welcome to apply to
attend any CPS high school. The online application process begins February 11,

For more information, please visit CPS’ website: