Woodward Career Tech Teacher Praised for His Commitment to Improving Science Instruction


Colin Bullard, science instructor at Woodward Career Technical High School, has earned the highest praise for his participation in Target Inquiry at Miami University (TIMU), a 2.5-year, rigorous, content-focused and inquiry-centered teacher professional development program designed to increase the quality and frequency of inquiry-based instruction in high school chemistry. TIMU has three core experiences (scientific research experience, intensive curriculum development and action research), which take place over three summers with several academic year courses. Ellen J. Yezierski, Ph.D., TIMU's program director, shared the following update about Mr. Bullard's progress with Cincinnati Public Schools Superintendent Mary Ronan:

"Colin Bullard worked with Dr. Neil Danielson and his group investigating the properties of Palygorskite. This clay is a natural absorbent that has been extensively used in water remediation. Few attempts have been made to exploit clays in solid phase extraction due to the shrinkage problems of the clay skeleton associated with the extraction process. Palygorskite is a type of clay with a complex structure that doesn't swell or shrink and can act as the solid phase during solid phase extractions.

"Over the next academic year, Colin will be focusing on instructional improvement and beginning the preparation for the next two core experiences — inquiry materials development and evaluating student learning outcomes through action research. Furthermore, Colin will be presenting his research results at the Spring National American Chemical Society Meeting in Dallas, Texas, in March 2014. Colin's high quality materials he will be developing next summer will contribute to the almost 50 TI activities which have been used by over 1,300 high school chemistry teachers around the world."

Dr. Yezierski pointed out that "few teachers make this significant of a commitment to improving their practice and increasing student learning outcomes." We're proud of Mr. Bullard!