CPS, Metro Eliminate Extra Bus Fare for Students


Elimination of Cash Drop Designed to Help Families, Attendance

Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) and Metro are making it easier for students to get to school.

For the 2014-15 school year, due to a revision in the Cincinnati Public Schools policy, students will not have an additional bus fare charge if they use their XTRA Service smart cards. Last year a $.50 cash drop was required. The change applies to CPS students as well as students attending charter and non-public schools within district boundaries who are transported by Metro buses.

“We recognized that in today’s economy paying a fee for bus service can be a hardship to some of our families, particularly families with multiple students in high school. We also know that academic performance depends on regular student attendance, and we want to remove financial barriers that may interfere with that,” said Jennifer Wagner, CPS Chief Information Officer, who supervises transportation for the 33,000-student district.

Cincinnati Public Schools has a long-standing relationship with the Metro bus public transportation system. Metro bus service is provided to students who are eligible in grades 7-12 high schools. Metro service is provided on regularly scheduled XTRA service routes, which only operate on school days and are designed to prevent overcrowding on regular Metro routes.

Students riding XTRA service may catch the bus at any designated Metro bus stop. XTRA service is open to the public and all regular Metro fares and zone charges apply to non-students.