Cincinnati Firefighters Deliver Uniforms and School Supplies to Hays-Porter School



by Richara Richardson, resource coordinator, Hays-Porter School

A team of veteran firefighters and new recruits from the Cincinnati Fire Department arrived at Hays-Porter School on Friday, August 29, 2014, with loads of school supplies, book bags and uniforms to give to students. The firefighter recruits greeted students with "high fives" as they entered the school's gymnasium to see the awesome display of donated items.

Students were encouraged to work hard in school and to do their best on the upcoming Ohio Achievement Assessment. The firefighters brought ice cream for the students and shared personal stories of their lives as firefighters.

The firefighter recruits were interested in partnering with a school in the West End community. After learning about the needs of students at Hays-Porter, they contacted several organizations and held school supply and uniform drives.

Kudos to the Cincinnati Fire Department for their generous gift to our students.