Veteran Science Teacher Tapped to Lead STEM Innovation Lab at Hughes


Ronnda cargil(1)

Ronnda Cargile, veteran Hughes STEM High School science teacher, has been named director of The Innovation Lab, Southwest Hub Regional Training Center, effective immediately. She will focus primarily on developing research-based professional learning opportunities for students, while enhancing training for teachers new to the school’s project-based learning approach. 

Hughes’ Innovation Lab is an exciting new concept originating from a partnership between the University of Cincinnati and Hughes STEM High School. It is a clinical and demonstration facility that supports collaboration and fosters real-world innovation among students, educators, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, colleges and universities, and STEM advocates. The Lab consists of three spacious classrooms with flexible table and chair arrangements, comfortable seating areas, a video conferencing room, a demonstration lab and a conference hall. Students will have access to inspiring spaces, along with the tools and resources they need, to create their own experiments, connect with experts globally and be active facilitators of their own learning. 

As an extension of the Innovation Lab, the Hughes Training Center offers a variety of site-based professional development opportunities delivered by experienced teachers with diverse backgrounds and expertise in STEM concepts and project-based learning. 

For more information or to schedule a tour, please contact (513) 363-7438.