Withrow Selected as High School of Business Site


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Starting in the 2015-16 school year, Withrow University High School will offer rigorous business administration courses through the High School of Business program.

High School of Business is a national program created by MBAResearch, a nonprofit organization specializing in educational research, and the development of business and marketing curriculum for high schools and colleges.

The program is designed to challenge high school students with an accelerated, project-based curriculum, aimed at positioning students to excel in college-level business administration programs. When fully implemented, participating students will take a series of six or more rigorous business administration classes. Students also use technology in each class, complete internships with local businesses, and learn about community and diversity through a partnership with a sister school.

“The High School of Business program will give Withrow’s students opportunities to interact with peers from all over the United States, “Withrow’s Principal Paul Daniels said. “This program also builds relationships with local businesses and universities, and provides an avenue for students who plan to major in accounting, business or marketing to reach higher academic levels.”

The first classes offered at Withrow through this program will be Economics and Marketing for students in grades 9-12. Teachers will be offered special training by MBAResearch over four days in June, and will be provided with curriculum, academic material, class projects and methods for interactive learning.