Clark Montessori Starts New M.O.R.E. Club


MORE_78527645_webClark Montessori joined the district’s M.O.R.E. (Men Organized, Respectful and Educated) Initiative, forming two clubs to serve junior and senior high students. Following the program’s curriculum, Clark Montessori’s 53 M.O.R.E. Club members participate in after-school activities, as well as monthly and quarterly enrichment opportunities that increase financial literacy, develop leadership skills, provide academic support, promote exceptional character, encourage community service, and cultivate health and wellness.

Each club meets twice per week for one hour to discuss current events, decision-making, diversity, Montessori lifestyle and other topics. Participants also work closely with Clark’s Post-Secondary Center to learn more about scholarship opportunities, college visits, leadership workshops and more.

While all Clark Montessori students are required to participate in community service activities each year, M.O.R.E. Club members must perform an additional 10 hours to remain active in the club.

“The M.O.R.E. program at Clark has been a great learning experience and an opportunity to get ahead in life for not just our Black men, but men in general,” says Nasir Meatchem, a senior.

Jaythan Wright, an 8th-grader adds, “Being in the M.O.R.E. program means to be a young man who shows great leadership and respect to my peers; to teach kids to never give up and to go achieve what you want in life.”

Gregg Pickett, a 2013 graduate of The Defiance College and an education assistant at Clark Montessori, and Eric Cook, an attorney with The Cochran Firm, are the Club advisors.


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