Rockdale Academy Treated to “Black Panther” Screening by P&G


Students buzzed with excitement as they got off the bus at the Oakley Cinemark movie theater on February 16, 2018.

They were chatting away about what the plot of the “Black Panther” might entail. Rockdale Academy students were treated to the movie, popcorn and their choice of an icee or soda by Procter & Gamble and Most Valuable Kids (MVK).

“We are excited to be here today with the students from Rockdale Academy and Cincinnati College Preparatory Academy thanks to the generosity of P&G, who purchased the theater for the kids to see Black Panther,” said Sherri Friedman, CEO of MVK. “We are using the movie to reward the students for good behavior and inspire them to dream big.”

In addition to good behavior, students were also required to write an essay about their African American hero or inspiration. Two students read their essays in front of the theater of fellow students, faculty and staff.

Rockdale Academy students were bubbling over with excitement and gratitude for P&G for the chance to see “Black Panther.”

One reason MVK and P&G chose Black Panther as the movie of choice was because of the representation of African and African American heroes.

“I am excited to see the Black Panther because it inspires me to be a role model and to be more of a leader,” said Stevie Pollard Williams, Rockdale Academy student. “This is once in a lifetime that I can see black males and females come together and show their strength, beauty and courage.”

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