Pleasant Ridge Montessori Hosts Third Annual “Donuts for Dudes”


Pleasant Ridge Montessori (PRM) students walked into school the morning of Friday, March 23, 2018, not just excited for the start of spring break a few hours away, but to share their classrooms with some very special guests.

PRM’s third annual Donuts for Dudes event brings fathers, uncles, grandfathers and other male family members, guardians and community members to the school for a morning of mingling and volunteering in the classroom.

Fathers, uncles, guardians, and male family members visited with PRM students and each other at the school’s third annual Donuts for Dudes.

Josh Hardin, athletic director at CPS, kicked things off in the gym with a welcome for family members and visitors. Having grown up in the Pleasant Ridge community himself, he referenced how proud he was to see the community members become more connected, not as parents with each other but with their children’s school.

“I’ll also be a PRM dad next year,” Hardin said.

Families who didn’t know each other had help breaking the ice with “Human Bingo” – a game that encouraged people to fill out a card based on the traits and interests of those they met.

After coffee, donuts and juice was served, students showed off their classrooms to their guests.

Community members who participated included local policemen and firefighters, as well as CPS board member Mike Moroski and Cincinnati City Council members Jeff Pastor and P.G. Sittenfeld.

“Our goal was to have at least one male figure for every eight students,” said Jenny Mauch, principal. “We actually had a ratio of one to three, which is a huge success.

“It is so important for our students to interact with adults in different professions and who are role models, and vice versa, with having men volunteering and taking an active role in their child’s education.”

Community members could volunteer their time in classrooms. Volunteers represented different professions and even CPS board member Mike Moroski and Cincinnati City Council members Jeff Pastor and P.G. Sittenfeld.

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