Roll Hill Hosts Painting Party for Parents and Students


Fresh paint brushes, acrylic paint, new easels and blank canvasses … all the supplies needed for a quiet and creative evening of painting.

Roll Hill parents and students spent time in the art classroom one spring evening for Roll Hill’s first-ever painting party.

Inspired by the latest painting party trend, where groups socialize and paint a unique version of a sample picture, about ten parent-student pairs created their own version of a student silhouette in a graduation cap and gown against a multi-colored background.

“We chose this picture to paint today because one day you’ll be there,” said John Copenhaver, who led the painting session and gave one-on-one assistance to the parent-student pairs. “You’ll get to have this painting and every day it can be a reminder of what you’re going to do.”

Copenhaver, assistant principal at SCPA, is a painter and was formerly the art teacher at Roll Hill. He enjoys coming back to support after school programs, especially if it involves art.

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“Anything for the students at Roll Hill,” he said.

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