Despite Changes to State Definition, Gifted Services Remain at CPS Schools


When it comes to gifted students in Cincinnati Public Schools, there are two changes coming that – we want to be clear – will not change what is currently in place.

The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) last July began defining services for gifted students differently and have instituted two new requirements:

  1. To say a gifted student is being “served,” every general education teacher who provides grades to gifted students in any school must attend 60 hours of required training – OR the school system cannot say the students is being “served.” Even if one school’s entire staff takes part in the 60 hours of professional development, this does not count as “service” for this school. Every teacher in the district who provides grades to any gifted child must have the training or our entire district is not “serving”.
  2. Parents of gifted children must be notified in writing that they will not receive a Written Education Plan (WEP) – as they have in the past – and that their students are not being “served” – by this new definition.

This does not include students in our gifted magnet schools – Spencer Gifted and Exceptional School, the students in the gifted magnet portion of Cheviot Elementary and students in 4th-6th grade in the grandfathered gifted magnet program of Hyde Park Elementary.

Please know these changes are not unique to Cincinnati Public Schools. They are for every school in Ohio.

The ODE defines a “gifted” student as one who “performs or shows potential for performing at remarkably high levels of accomplishment when compared to others of their age, experience, or environment.” If a child has been identified as gifted, Cincinnati Public Schools provides a wide range of services to ensure that he/she receives a challenging and rewarding academic experience.

Again, we want to be clear:

  • We will continue to identify our gifted students in cognitive, academic, creative and arts areas.
  • Nothing changes in terms of our commitment to a rigorous curriculum delivered in a supportive environment.
  • We will continue to provide the same courses and enrichments that have been in place for our students identified as gifted, including honors and Advanced Placement courses.
  • Children will continue to receive differentiation in classrooms, authentic learning experiences and opportunities in real-world problem solving.

We remain committed to meeting your child’s unique needs and will continue to enhance our programs for all students.

For more information, please go to the Ohio Administrative Code 3301-51-15 found here.

If you have questions, please contact the Gifted Department of Cincinnati Public Schools.


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