Mt. Airy School Ready for Takeoff with “F.L.I.T.E.” Program


Mt. Airy School principal Angel Roddy (left) watched as students cut the ribbon on the school’s new F.L.I.T.E. program.

When students, families, staff and community members gathered at Mt. Airy School’s back-to-school event, many were delighted to hear principal Angel Roddy introduce a new school.

“While this is the same physical space many of you may be used to, we’re a different school now,” said Roddy.

Blended learning coordinator Ashley Baggett helps a student learn how to program a robot and move it across the room.

Mt. Airy School is one of six neighborhood schools launching a new specialized program for the 2018-19 academic year through CPS’ Vision 2020 initiative. Mt. Airy School’s Formative Learning through Integrated Technology Education (F.L.I.T.E.) program will provide students access to new and innovative technologies, such as virtual reality, 3D printing, graphic arts and coding.

Roddy and staff expect the new program to be so transformative for students that Mt. Airy truly feels like a new school and they emphasized that during the back-to-school event.

“Students can experience the Grand Canyon through virtual reality while they are learning about it, not just see a picture of it,” Roddy shared with families and community members during the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The F.L.I.T.E. program is centered around helping students use technology effectively as a tool — not as a toy or distraction — to help them prepare for high school, college and career.

A student looks on in amazement as another tries virtual reality goggles.

“You’ll get to use technology across all subjects to help with projects,” third-grade language arts teacher Angelle Greene-Edwards shared with one of her new students. “You’ll develop all kinds of new skills and will be able to nurture them. Before long, you’ll be ready for college.”

The student and Greene-Edwards high-fived at that prospect.

In addition to meeting new teachers and reuniting with classmates during the event, students could sample a few of the different technologies they will soon master, such as drones and virtual reality goggles.

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