Roll Hill Family Celebrates Thanksgiving with La Soupe, Midwest Takeover


The holidays can be an emotional time of year. It’s a time for reflection and gratitude, reuniting with families, cherishing old memories and making new ones.

Roll Hill School wants to provide an opportunity for students to make new memories with classmates and staff during the Roll Hill Family Thanksgiving.

Midwest Takeover, an Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) basketball club, and La Soupe Cincinnati provided and served food to students, many of whom may have lost a parent, guardian or caregiver within the last year.

Students could enjoy a mix of traditional Thanksgiving foods, including pumpkin pie.

“We want to show our students that we — all in the Roll Hill family — are here for them,” said Vicki Graves-Hill, principal at Roll Hill school. “While they may have lost a parent due to death or other circumstances in the last 12 months, they are still our family.”

Charles Williams, resource coordinator at Hartwell School and director, trainer and head coach at Midwest Takeover, activated players and families to volunteer at the event. They served a mix of traditional Thanksgiving foods, such as turkey, pumpkin pie and macaroni and cheese.

“Meals like this make a difference, especially for a child who might be experiencing grief,” said Williams. “It could take their mind off what’s worrying them, even if only for a little while.”

Midwest Takeover initiates many activities that benefit CPS students across the district. This past fall, they assembled and donated backpacks filled with school supplies for 50 students at Hartwell and Chase schools. They facilitated 50 haircuts for students in the Madisonville area. They are able to do this through family involvement in their basketball program, raising funds or donating their time to make a difference in the communities where they live.

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