Rees E. Price Academy Introduces Expeditionary Learning Program


Rees E. Price Academy students return to classes with a new program designed to help them embrace their community.

Natalie Brown, Rees E. Price Academy resource coordinator; Principal Jennifer Myree and Diane Kramer, Burke Inc., celebrate the launch of the Expeditionary Learning program.

Expeditionary Learning is launching at the East Price Hill school this year through CPS’ Vision 2020 initiative — a commitment to strengthen quality school options throughout the district, while preparing students with the real-world knowledge and skills needed to be successful in college and in the workforce.

“Expeditionary Learning will give us that one focal mission and vision, along with a rigorous English language arts curriculum that’s embedded into it,” said Rees E. Price Academy Principal Jennifer Myree.

The program includes student-led activities that allow kids to tap into their unique strengths. It also features one-to-one access to technology to equip students with real-world competencies and co-curricular activities that engage their personal interests.

“It’s great knowing that my kids will learn about how all school subjects work together, hand-in-hand,” said Melanie Jones, mother of a preschooler, first-grader and third-grader. “Every subject matter is important. Rees E. Price provides such a great environment to my children and I already see such a positive change in their grades and behavior.”

Skyler, a fifth-grader, particularly enjoys learning about science.

The Expeditionary Learning program, developed by The Harvard Graduate School of Education and Outward Bound USA, is driven by mastery of knowledge and skills, character and high-quality student work. Rees E. Price parents and students learned a bit more about the program and its components during a recent open house at the school.

“I am excited to learn through the new program,” said Skyler, a fifth-grader. “If you put your mind to something then you can make something of yourself and become what you want to be.”

“The more we can get the kids to be active learners and get involved, the more we think that they will internalize the information and grow and develop as students,” said Principal Myree.

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