Hyde Park School Launches Personalized Education Program


Hundreds of smiling faces filled the halls of Hyde Park School on a recent mid-August afternoon.

And it wasn’t just because there was ice cream.

Students and parents met their new teachers, visited classrooms and explored the amenities at Hyde Park School’s open house, which not only kicked off a new school year, but also the launch of the school’s Vision 2020 program — Personalized Education.

The Personalized Education program has four tenets:
• Targeted instruction
• Data-driven decision making
• Flexible content and tools
• Student reflection and ownership

Students will have a voice and choice in what, how, when and where they learn, empowering them to make decisions. This ultimately will result in children who feel confident, respected and valued.

Back row, from left: Principal Jill Sunderman and Natalie Koenig, student teacher from Xavier University; center: Katie Lavelle, first-grade teacher

“Our Personalized Education program will allow us to meet our kids where they’re at and give them opportunities to thrive,” shared Principal Jill Sunderman. “It will help them become innovators.”

First-grade teacher Roberta Sims particularly is excited to watch her students blossom with technological know-how. “We’ll be incorporating more technology and having students take ownership of these resources and projects.”

Students now will have access to virtual reality goggles and Promethean interactive boards. Further, third- through sixth-graders will have one-to-one access to technological devices.

That’s good news for one fifth-grader, whose mother said was “excited for STEAM” and has a love for robotics.

Students also will enjoy software programs personalized for each child’s pace and skill level, university partnerships that expose them to higher education opportunities, gifted programs for qualifying third- through sixth-graders, elective experiences that enhance classroom experiences and more.

Hyde Park School’s back-to-school open house saw countless hugs, high fives and handshakes. But a comment from one sixth-grader best summed up the anticipation for the new year. She said she was most excited for “everything.”

Learn more about the Personalized Education program and the great things happening at Hyde Park School at https://hydepark.cps-k12.org/.


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