Kilgour School: Home to Twenty-First Century Learners


Walk into Kilgour School, and you’ll instantly feel a contagious, positive vibe. From the principal, to the staff, to the students themselves — everyone is happy to be there.

That feeling especially was palpable during the school’s back-to-school open house in mid-August. Amidst the introductions to new teachers, tours of classrooms and catch-ups with friends, Kilgour officially launched its new Vision 2020 program — Twenty-First Century Learning.

The program teaches the skills required of tomorrow’s workforce and the values of good citizenship and cultural responsiveness as well as diversity and inclusion.

According to Principal Angela Cook Frazier, the “4Cs” of Twenty-First Century Learning — creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration — are embedded into each grade level. Students in each grade participate in a capstone project centered around a certain theme. For instance, thanks to a partnership with Madisono’s, sixth-graders research, create and market new gelato flavors. Upon deciding the most cost-effective flavor to produce, they even sell the product at the school’s carnival.

“By the time you leave here, you have the opportunity to not just be a good student, but a good citizen,” Principal Cook Frazier shared.

Teacher Rickie Bell says, “’Can-do’ is Kilgour.”

Kilgour staff are highly trained in best practices academically as well as in social and emotional learning practices. Rickie Bell, who teaches K – 2 wellness and advisory for grades 3 – 6, emphasized the important role the program plays in character development. “Character makes our country a better place to live — getting along with all kinds of people benefits our city, community and country,” he said.

Students will work in iMac labs and with 3D printers and Google Classroom. They also will participate in community and service-learning projects.

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