Students Build Their Own Canoe (and Ride It, Too)


Dater Montessori School students have taken hands-on learning to the next level.

Fifth- and sixth-graders recently crafted their very own, handmade canoe with guidance from the Camping and Education Foundation. Thanks to teamwork and their own bare hands, the students built the boat — completing every task from making the frame to coating the oars — using only the raw materials provided to them.

Students were all smiles as they paddled their way down the Little Miami.

Of course, it wasn’t enough just to build the canoe, the students put their workmanship to the test during a trip to Otto Armleder Park. After paddling around the Little Miami River, passengers remained dry and smiling. It’s fair to say that their handiwork held up.

The Camping and Education Foundation also taught the budding builders outdoor camping and survival skills, such as how to start a fire, cook over a flame and the difference between edible and poisonous plants.

This isn’t the first time Dater Montessori students got a taste for the outdoors. In May 2018, they conducted a research project about the historic ecosystem surrounding their school and displayed it at their Meadow Maze.

Whether it’s identifying native plant species or crafting a canoe fit for the Little Miami River, Dater Montessori students are becoming equipped in a host of skills that will take them far.

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