Woodford Paideia Academy Hosts ‘Touch-the-Truck’ Event


After finishing an extensive unit on transportation, the preschool team at Woodford Paideia Academy hosted a “Touch-the-Truck” event, giving students — preschool through sixth grade — the chance to get up close and personal with a variety of large vehicles.

The City of Cincinnati, several Hamilton County agencies, Metro, AAA, A Savannah Nite limousine company, United Dairy Farmers and more generously offered their time to let students climb into the vehicles on display, honk the horns and learn more about what they do and how they work.

“We love to share what we do with the community,” said Charles, an employee with the City of Cincinnati’s Department of Public Services. “Hopefully, we can inspire these kids to become public service employees.”

Students huddle around the Greater Cincinnati Water Works mascot.

Excited students followed a schedule with their teachers to make the rounds to more than 20 vehicles in the school’s parking lot, including a street sweeper, police and fire vehicles, Metro bus, mail truck and local food truck. Representatives from each answered questions and talked to the students about their respective responsibilities.

“I liked to honk the horn,” Shamia, a first-grader, said with a smile.

A dedicated Woodford parent made the event possible by calling on her community and asking local companies to attend.

“We are blown away by the turnout,” said Anna, whose son has attended Woodford for three years. “We thought this would be a great way to introduce our kids to a variety of jobs that are all important to our community.”

The last stop on the tour was an ice cream truck from United Dairy Farmers, complete with free ice cream samples.

Learn more about the great things happening at Woodford Paideia at woodford.cps-k12.org.



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