At Roselawn Condon, Well-Rounded Students Become Talented Leaders


If you walk the halls of Roselawn Condon School on any given Friday, you might see or hear several cool things:

  • Students singing beautiful opera music

    Students flex their math skills during STEAM Friday.

  • Aspiring engineers building magnificent LEGO creations
  • Young dancers moving and grooving to fun tunes
  • Student operators taking drones for a spin
  • … and so much more

It’s all a part of Roselawn Condon’s Arts & Sciences focus, the school’s Vision 2020 program, which fully integrates computer lessons, the arts, music and physical education (aka C.A.M.P.) into K-8 curricula. By elevating C.A.M.P. to the same level of focus as disciplines like math and science, students are exposed to a wider variety of career paths and tap into talents they didn’t know they had.

The Arts & Sciences program fully comes to life on STEAM Fridays. Teams of students — assigned by grade level — rotate to different classes, each devoted to a specific component: science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics. In just one day, they could be creating art via 3D printers and learning to play guitar.

Students show off their teamwork while building structures together.

Christina Tierney is a music teacher and the school’s STEAM team leader. She has seen the impact that the arts have on a child’s development countless times, particularly in her primary focus of music. “Children’s brains are constantly engaged when they’re singing or performing,” she shares. “Music is a magical thing for kids.” She explains that music broadens children’s depths of emotion.

With a high population of students with physical and cognitive disabilities, Roselawn Condon’s Arts & Sciences program provides more opportunities to meet them where they are and tailor their roadmaps to academic success. Faculty teach 21st-century skills in ways that are accessible to everyone.

Children benefit from:

  • An array of hands-on laboratories, activities and classes
  • Licenses to STEAM websites, programs, partners and curricula that provide access to innovative educational programming
  • Opportunities to study several technical and artistic disciplines, such as photography, cinematography, dance, music, engineering and much more.

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