District-Wide LINK Project Presentations Showcase Year-long Research Projects


Students from across the district in grades 7-11 had the main stage at GE Aviation in late May to showcase the LINK Project they’ve worked on all year. These student projects were selected at the school level to be shared with the district, GE employees and the public.

Students districtwide were proud to share their hard work at the LINK Project Showcase at GE Aviation.

The CPS LINK Project is designed to engage students in authentic, interdisciplinary learning using 21st century skills and is driven through social studies disciplines, including history, civics, economics and geography. Not only did students research real-life issues and historical acts, they shared how history is still impacting us today.

“The LINK Project has helped many students develop the skills needed to tackle current issues in our country and make a true impact,” said Justin Leach, social studies curriculum manager for CPS.

Students presented their multimedia projects to GE employees, who volunteered as judges and came armed with questions to spark conversation with students about their research and learnings.

Students in grades 4-6 presented their projects in the final LINK Project showcase at Aiken High School as well.

Three awards were given at each grade level:

  • CPS MyTomorrow Award – based on content
  • GE Innovation Award – based on how the project was presented
  • CPS Professionalism Award – based on how the students presented their information, determined by GE employees

Below are the winners across all grade levels.

CPS MyTomorrow Award

Holly and Lily (winners of the CPS MyTomorrow Award for grade 11) created a website for gun control advocacy.

  • Grade 4: Parker Woods Montessori School (Ms. Martinez’s Group: Zainab Dia, Julian Lopez-Ortega, Ki’Honesti Carr, Victoria Ferguson)
  • Grade 5: Spencer Center for Gifted and Exceptional Students (Ms. Bronson’s Group: Louisa Joy, Shannon Speaker, Mara Bronson, Zoe Keaton Varshay, Ruby Ritter)
  • Grade 6: Carson Elementary School (Mr. Huntley’s Group: Lee’Asia Foster, Maresha Wilson, Damysia Knox, Matthew Wilczek, Markease Currie) and Roberts Paideia Academy (Mr. Colon’s Group: Dora Perez Ambrocio, Nora Khatir, Mullany Lindsay, Ciarra Swain, Ramiya James)
  • Grade 7: School for Creative and Performing Arts (Mr. Rodak’s Group: Madeline McDaniel)
  • Grade 8: Withrow University High School (Mr. Toler’s Group: Lashiya Adkins, Rita Johnson, Themba Martin-Weiler)
  • Grade 9: Gilbert A. Dater High School (Mr. Cabral’s Group: Guedio Cisse, Issaiah Densler, Khadidiatou Diakho, Fanta Diombera)
  • Grade 10: Hughes STEM High School (Mr. Frecker’s Group: Max McGill)
  • Grade 11: School for Creative and Performing Arts (Mr. Lewis’ Group: Thea Huffman, Lily Thedes, Holly Dodd)

GE Innovation Award

Ashlyn (winner of the GE Innovation Award for grade 9) presented on the Treaty of Versaille.

  • Grade 4: Winton Hills Academy (Ms. Dellecave’s Group: Jaymya Mitchem, Michael Padgett, Vivian Price, Josiah Walker)
  • Grade 5: School for Creative and Performing Arts (Ms. Leptak-Moreau’s Group: Samara Lubow, Schuyler Crozier, Audrey Gaines, Solana Underwood, Peyton Kirby, Jayla Winters)
  • Grade 6: Frederick Douglass School (Ms. Collins’ Group: Marc Brown, Naqwan Harris, Zion James, Tholarra Edwards, London Langford)
  • Grade 7: Academy of World Languages (Mr. Brown & Mr. Hamilton’s Group: Hong Lieu, Mariam Soumare, Ousmane Ba, Emma Nguyen)
  • Grade 8: School for Creative and Performing Arts (Ms. Thomas’ Group: Maeve Fellerhoff, Leighton Curless)
  • Grade 9: Woodward Career Technical High School (Mr. Long’s Group: Ashlyn Sanders)
  • Grade 10: Woodward Career Technical High School (Ms. McCarthy’s Group: Terriana Barnes)
  • Grade 11: Shroder High School (Ms. McMilian’s Group: Jamin Byrd, Kaiana Linnere, Michael Stewart, Angel Gibbs-Reed, Mikaela Wormely)

CPS Professionalism Award

  • Grade 4: Kilgour Elementary School (Ms. Chamberlain’s Group: Finee Reynolds, Theo Warnken, Kiki Kalmbach, Nate King, Dawes Hardin, Ava Carruthers)
  • Grade 5: North Avondale Montessori School (Ms. Chandler’s Group: Catarina Kenat)
  • Grade 6: Rockdale Academy (Mr. Sayer’s Group: Teanna Jones, Curtis Buckley, E’nyjah Winston, Deborah Woods, Aalaysia Stollings)
  • Grade 7: Spencer Center for Gifted and Exceptional Students (Ms. Glynn’s Group: Tanner Goodin, Graham Jones, Tahje Falings)
  • Grade 8: Academy of World Languages (Mr. Brown and Mr. Hamilton’s Group: Julianna Woodall, Aminata Thiam, Yaya Dagnon, Sandeep Das)
  • Grade 9: Riverview East Academy (Mr. Reilly’s Group: Keyaira Arnold, Gwendolyn Winston, Maya Cotton)
  • Grade 10: Oyler School (Mr. Sage’s Group: Cecelia Carter)
  • Grade 11: Hughes STEM High School (Ms. Bower’s Group: Tesha Yisrael, Keya Wiley)

Learn more about LINK Projects or watch this 2018 recap video.


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