Community Members, Students Join Woodward’s Third Annual Million Father March


“Today’s youth is the future!”


Some students carried signs for the march: “Dedicated And Devoted,”

“Push for peace in the streets!”

Students and community members could be heard chanting and cheering words of positivity on the corner of Seymour Avenue and Reading Road at Woodward Career Technical High School’s Third Annual Million Father March.

Participation in the Million Father March is offered to all male students at Woodward as an opportunity march in the neighborhood with male community members to reinforce the importance of education and having positive role models.

“Today is about redefining what a father is,” said Paul McMillan, school community coordinator and event organizer. “A father does not have to be a biological father, it can be a community member, a loved one, anyone who is willing to put in the time, and that is what today is about.”

After the march, the men gathered in Woodward’s Life Learning Center for a continental breakfast and continued conversations with small groups.

Community members who participated in the march included Judge Josh Berkowitz, who serves on the Hamilton County Municipal Court for District 4, Steven Sherman, outreach coordinator for District 4, and Chris Taylor, Woodward Alumni Association President.

McMillan purposefully recruited community members with different stories to tell — even those who had faced adversity earlier in life or made mistakes that got them in trouble.

“I wanted to bring some people in who have had obstacles, but are doing better now,” said McMillan. “They all have a different story to tell that can help these young men.”

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