AWL Celebrates National Welcoming Week


It’s important to feel a sense of belonging in a community. At the Academy of World Languages (AWL), students, staff and community partners made a point to demonstrate that sense of belonging by celebrating National Welcoming Week September 17-21.

awl-wlecoming-week-01Welcoming Week is designed to promote and encourage the welcoming of refugees and immigrants in communities. The movement encompasses more than 700 events across the United States in the course of a week. AWL, in partnership with Refugee Connect, hosted a series of events to show support for the families with refugee status not only within the school community, but in the district.

“We are a Community Learning Center and a school with a student body that represents more than 35 different nationalities and languages,” said Jackie Rowedder, AWL principal. “It is important for us to celebrate who we are while looking toward the future of the wider Welcoming movement.”

Events and activities AWL students, staff and partners participate in throughout the week included:

  • Student announcements and presentations about how AWL’s diverse student body is what makes the school vibrant and special
  • Teachers pledging to uphold the values of a Welcoming School
  • Students writing letters to future new students about what they love about AWL and what makes AWL a Welcoming School
  • Kindergarten classes hosting a group of volunteers from Rotex and Hillenbrand

View the slideshow of photos, including some of the letters students wrote, below. Read more and keep up with the great things happening at AWL at

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