PRM Families Join Hands, Recognize History for 10-Year Anniversary


For parents and families at Pleasant Ridge Montessori (PRM), back-to-school season doesn’t just mean PTO meetings, “Meet the Teacher” nights and open houses, it means continuing a rich tradition of the Montessori Way.

Students, families and staff could trace their hands and write their names on the History of Hands Timeline project.

PRM’s second annual “Hands Around the School” event brought families to the school to visit teachers and classrooms, meet other parents and learn about the many community partners and after-school activities or clubs that can help their children learn and grow.

“If I’ve learned anything from my time so far with PRM, it’s that no feat is too big for this community,” said Melissa Ridley, the school’s new principal for 2018-19. “It’s an honor to be here as principal this year and move the vision of this community forward.”

While the rain prevented outside activities like joining hands around the building, spirits were anything but dampened throughout the evening. In addition to open classrooms for meeting teachers, families could browse historical photos and look at the “throwback” athletic team uniforms on display around the school for everyone to see.

School resource coordinator Angela Robertshaw created a “History of Hands” timeline project in which students could trace a hand or write his or her name on the timeline. Families were also invited to bring a photo to add to the timeline that represented their family at PRM.

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