Covedale School Celebrates Local Flavor at Inaugural ‘513 Day’


Third graders hold their “Famous Cincinnatians” cards.

The old adage, “bloom where you’re planted,” is certainly alive at Covedale. To honor the community’s unique contributions to Cincinnati’s history, kindergarten through sixth-grade students researched the historical significance of Covedale and nearby west-side neighborhoods.

Covedale second grader poses next to her Busken Bakery replica.

Students created 3D maps and replicas of local businesses and institutions and research projects on our region’s native animals. They displayed other special projects, too, including a quilt made of individual squares designed by students and hand-sewn by faculty.

The event presented a perfect opportunity to showcase Covedale’s dedication to Community Leadership – its Vision 2020 focus – as well as the Leader in Me program.

One of several participating Cincinnati Public Schools, Covedale’s program already has empowered young leaders. In fact, a group of sixth-grade students recently won first-place in a national competition with their original rap, “It’s Lit to Not Get Hit,” about pedestrian safety.

“We want our students to all know where they come from, why that is important, and how it translates to them becoming leaders as they grow throughout their lives,” said a Covedale kindergarten teacher.

In addition to the win, Covedale received a $500 grant to help with marketing efforts.

Covedale’s quilt of more than 500 hand-drawn squares made by students

“We were even invited by Cincinnati City Council Person Greg Landsman to perform at the Pedestrian Safety Summit,” shared video front man and sixth-grader Jeremiah Thornton.

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