3E: Learn About CPS Grads Enrolled in College


At Cincinnati Public Schools, we are focused on developing global citizens who can contribute to our city and our society in meaningful ways. It’s not enough for students to graduate with a diploma. They need a clear pathway to a thriving career that allows them to earn a decent living for themselves and their families.

This ties back to the 3Es – Enrolled, Enlisted and Employed – which are the destinations we want our students to reach by the time they graduate.

Read more about these 2019 graduates who have enrolled at post-secondary education institutions:

Aaron Harris, Withrow University High School

Aaron Harris, enrolled at Kentucky State University, graduated from high school with two entire college semesters under his belt, completing 24 credit hours to-date. He is a recipient of the Rufus Ballard Atwood Prestigious Scholarship and plans to major in computer science with a minor in cyber security this fall. When Aaron wasn’t busy with sports or work while in high school, he served as a senior facilitator and mentor in M.O.R.E. (Men Organized, Respectful and Educated).

“The world becomes a lot bigger when you leave high school,” Aaron shares. “I have learned better work ethic because of Withrow’s environment.”

Daylan Dallas, Woodward Career Technical High School

Daylan Dallas is focused. In addition to securing his spot this fall at the University of Cincinnati, where he plans to study biomedical engineering, he will intern as an operator helper at Steinhauser Inc. and at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in biomedical research. Daylan took the engineering pathway at Woodward, where he learned about advanced manufacturing, physics and pre-calculus. His dedication to his education has paid off: he received A honors throughout high school and is the first recipient of the Chris A. Nelms award, which honors individuals in the community who have made major impacts.

“I think that this work-study program we have at Woodward should be in every school,” Daylan says. “There are a lot of people who don’t realize how quickly you can learn through experience.”

Destiny Lewis, Taft Information Technology High School

If there is one lesson Destiny Lewis learned in high school, it’s to never, ever give up. A passionate writer, she enrolled at Miami University, where she plans to study film and media. Destiny says that Taft’s digital media, psychology and AP human geography classes helped her decide on what to focus in college. She has a deep love for the arts and everything William Shakespeare, attributing Taft’s former drama club, Drama Kinetics, to her passion for Shakespearean theater.

Destiny shares: “Obstacles aren’t obstacles until you call them one. You have to ignore the lies in your head, because those obstacles are actually just doors waiting to be opened – and you are the key to opening them.”

Savannah Steele, Aiken High School

Savannah Steele will begin her college career this fall at the University of Cincinnati. She was the captain of Aiken’s “Philanthropy Team” and even participated in a fundraising walk to benefit a school in Africa. Savannah has a feeling that her passion for helping others will lead her to focus on education or social work. She is particularly interested in teaching at a CPS school someday, hoping to pay it forward.

“I have been given so many opportunities at Aiken,” Savannah shares. “They have taught me professionalism. I even had the chance to go to Mexico through a scholarship program. I am blessed to have had the mentors and guidance I had at Aiken.”

Learn more about CPS’ 3E pathways at https://highschool.iamcps.org.


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