3E: Get to Know CPS’ Enlisted Grads


At Cincinnati Public Schools, we are focused on developing global citizens who can contribute to our city and our society in meaningful ways. It’s not enough for students to graduate with a diploma. They need a clear pathway to a thriving career that allows them to earn a decent living for themselves and their families.

This ties back to the 3Es – Enrolled, Enlisted and Employed – which are the destinations we want our students to reach by the time they graduate.

Read more about these 2019 graduates who have enlisted in the Service:

Branden McGinnis, Hughes STEM High School

Branden McGinnis has a great deal of reverence for history. Inspired by his Army veteran grandfather who served in the Korean War, Branden will follow in his footsteps. He is confident that his world history and U.S. history classes at Hughes STEM have prepared him to understand the world and his commitment to something greater than himself.

“I look forward to becoming a leader,” Branden shares. “I want to be someone others can depend on.”


Larry Green, Hughes STEM High School

Larry Green is pursuing a future in the Army. He is excited to meet individuals from different backgrounds while working together with a shared purpose. With an affinity for government and history, Larry knows his choice is right for him. As a member of Hughes STEM’s engineering pathway, he enjoyed having hands-on experiences and opportunities to apply his knowledge.

“I know that I’ll be prepared for my goal of doing high-profile security in the future, or going to college, if that’s what I choose,” Larry says.

Tamario Huff, Gilbert A. Dater High School

Tamario Huff lives Gilbert A. Dater High School’s core values: work hard, love to learn, never quit, care and prepare for the future. Tamario was surrounded by family in military service growing up, which he says helped him make the decision to enlist in the Army National Guard. Inspired by his experiences in math and physics, he also plans to pursue a degree in engineering while serving in the military.

“Dater has a great support system,” Tamario says. “There are a lot of people who want to see you succeed. I have learned how a team should function to get to the common goal, and the military holds to that, too.”

Learn more about CPS’ 3E pathways at https://highschool.iamcps.org.


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