3E: Meet CPS’ Employed Grads


At Cincinnati Public Schools, we are focused on developing global citizens who can contribute to our city and our society in meaningful ways. It’s not enough for students to graduate with a diploma. They need a clear pathway to a thriving career that allows them to earn a decent living for themselves and their families.

This ties back to the 3Es – Enrolled, Enlisted and Employed – which are the destinations we want our students to reach by the time they graduate.

Read more about these 2019 graduates who are employed:

Justin Jackson, Gilbert A. Dater High School

Like many CPS graduates, Justin Jackson has a job straight out of school, along with big aspirations for the future. For several years, Justin was at the top of his class and even spent four years in the marching band. He hopes to further his education, focusing on both business and physical therapy. He has confidence in knowing that DHL provides him with stability.

“My job at DHL is part of a career pathway program through Dater. It offers the possibility of college credits and two certifications, as well as a salary,” Justin shares. “It really sparked my interest in logistics and made it easy to obtain employment.”

Davonna Roper, Gilbert A. Dater High School

Davonna Roper dreams of opening her own restaurant. Inspired by her teachers, classes and a family of cooks, she knew by seventh grade that cooking was in her future. She credits her math and art courses for giving her the necessary skills to begin her next chapter at the Freestore Foodbank’s Cincinnati COOKS! culinary job-training program.

“Cooking is my passion; I like the connection it gives me with my family,” Davonna says. “I am one step closer to my dreams, and that truly excites me.”

Jimeir Hales, Woodward Career Technical High School

Jimeir Hales is an aspiring engineer. He thrived in Woodward’s engineering pathway (and, not to mention, he earned a consistent place on the Honor Roll throughout high school) and already is employed by Gold Medal Manufacturing. His comprehensive education equipped him with practical, hands-on experience that will serve him well under his employer.

“My time at Woodward taught me to work hard and study hard,” Jimeir shares. “I also have learned that it’s important to develop relationships with your teachers and to be around people who can help you be the best version of yourself.”

Laycey Lay, Oyler School

Laycey Lay secured employment at DHL through a career-pathway program that allowed her to earn workforce credentials while gaining on-the-job experience. This opportunity – combined with supportive teachers and a commitment to working hard and getting good grades – have formed an ambitious professional who is ready to tackle new challenges and opportunities head-on.

“I learned that I need to be focused,” Laycey says. “I need to be on time and ready for anything. My time at Oyler helped to prepare me for the future.”

Learn more about CPS’ 3E pathways at https://highschool.iamcps.org.


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