CPS Employees Raise Money to Buy Swimwear for Every Student in Project Connect


The Cincinnati Public Schools Education Center employees recently raised $640 for children participating in the Project Connect Summer Academic and Enrichment Program.

Students seated at a bench at poolsideThis donation provided each child in the program with a swimsuit and a towel to take home.

“I think this is amazing and how much the Board appreciates all that you all did for these children. I especially love that they bought the swimsuits and towels and that he would love to help contribute in the future if needed. This is amazing,” said CPS Board Vice President Ryan Messer.

“We had an incredible summer complete with academic and social/emotional enrichment as well as swimming, field trips and good old fashioned summer fun!” said Rebeka Beach, Project Connect manager. Students in project connect building a tower together

The program ended in a culminating event where students showcased what they learned, followed by lunch with their caretaker or an adult in their lives.

“We saw such growth in our children this summer, both academically and emotionally,” said Beach. “I wish everyone could have the opportunity to witness the transformative work that occurs in the summer program, our children are so amazing and resilient.”

A student in a light green shirt eats a chocolate ice cream cone


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