Thank You, Resource Coordinators


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To put it simply, our Resource Coordinators rock!

They make a lot happen in our schools and communities every day.

From September 23-27, we pay tribute to our 44 Resource Coordinators during the CPS Community Learning Center Appreciation Week. Thank you for all you do, from recruiting, training and collaborating with community partners to bringing in volunteers, mentors, in-kind donations and so much more.

Resource Coordinators create, strengthen and maintain the bridge between the school and community.

A coordinator is the “liaison” and “connector” for many different areas including, parent and family engagement, community engagement, youth development, health, mental health, afterschool programs, early childhood, college, career and aligning strategic partnerships to support academic success.

CPS is committed to expanding our Community Learning Centers, as noted in the recently adopted Strategic Plan. In the next three years, the district will increase the number of Resource Coordinators from 44 to 65.

Please take a moment to thank a Resource Coordinator and their lead agency organization.

CPS is grateful to the lead agencies for their financial contribution to the school district.

And we would also like to salute the eight Resource Coordinators who have been working with CPS for more than 10 years:

  • Debra Chambers, Hartwell School, CPS
  • Angela Campbell-Harris, Western Hills University High School, Grad Cincinnati
  • Jami Harris-Luggen, Oyler School, Community Learning Center Institute
  • Corey Parker, Roll Hill School, Grad Cincinnati
  • Pamela Knox, John P. Parker School, CPS
  • Shane Fletcher, Pleasant Hill Academy, Gaskin Foundation
  • Leslie Henry, Bond Hill Academy, Families FORWARD
  • Monica Keenon, Ethel Taylor Academy, GRAD Cincinnati

The Cincinnati Board of Education will honor the Resource Coordinators at its September 23 meeting.


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