20 Questions About Cincinnati Public Schools


Cincinnati Public Schools’ new video series called 20 Questions takes you inside CPS, answering questions you’ve always wanted to ask of the CPS Team.

We have three videos so far for viewing here.

Video 1 — Superintendent Laura Mitchell

Superintendent Laura Mitchell played 20 Questions and we found out all kinds of fun facts. She shares everything from her favorite song to the best lesson she learned growing up. Find out what inspires her and why equity is so central to her work.

Video 2 — Superintendent Laura Mitchell

20 Questions continues with Superintendent Mitchell, who talks about the most critical point in a child’s education and reveals the best-kept secret about Cincinnati’s largest school district. Find out why she’s so proud of CPS and enjoy her answer to a student’s question.

Video 3 — Athletic Director Josh Hardin

Josh Hardin, Cincinnati Public Schools’ athletic director, told us how CPS is expanding athletics in our elementary schools, and also shared characteristics of top-performing athletes and what motivates them.


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